Karaoke jukebox for bar or club

Karaoke for bars and clubs

We can help you get your karaoke bar up and running

We have been providing karaoke equipment to karaoke bars, clubs and pubs since 2011. We focus mainly on new technologies, quality and professional approach. Our kiosk with a payment terminal will give your customers access to tens of thousands of karaoke songs, including Czech, Slovak and foreign ones.  Of course, we also offer a classic jukebox function, which allows you to play your favourite video clips and music from all over the world. We will be happy to help you in starting a new karaoke bar and share our experience. We will take the entertainment in your Karaoke bar to a new level.

Innovate your karaoke bar with our technology

Introducing a state-of-the-art innovative system that pushes the efficiency of song selection. Our fully automated platform eliminates the need for karaoke DJs, saving non-negligible operational costs and in turn opening the door to an attractive profit model.

With our system, guests can quickly and easily add their favorite songs to the playlist via touchscreen technology and guarantees fast payment via bank cards or mobile phone. This seamless integration ensures that your business stays dynamic and free from unnecessary delays. For lovers of the classics, we also offer a coin payment option.

With a transparent song selection system, customers have full control over what is played and when. This functionality not only minimizes potential misunderstandings and conflicts, but also increases guest satisfaction through a clear and fair playing order.

In addition to its high functionality, the device also provides an attractive design and thus perfectly complements the modern interior of your venue.

Save time and energy and eliminate operational responsibilities by using our technology.

The main benefits of our karaoke solution


Eliminates the need for karaoke DJs, reduces costs and increases profits.


Quick and easy payments by bank card or mobile phone


Allows guests to easily select and assign songs to a playlist, ensuring a fair and clear playlist order.


Aesthetically appealing and designed with modern technology to complement your club's interior.


Our years of experience in karaoke technology allow us to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but also proven by practice.

Touch screen display

The 27'' display dominates the design of the jukebox. The touch application meets current mobile application standards.


The metal design in a combination of stainless steel and aluminium gives the jukebox a modern look.

Bank card payment

Bank card payment is fast, convenient and always available. You can use your card or mobile phone

Jukebox version2.0.

Smart Search

User-friendly search with a clear selection of audio, video and karaoke tracks

Millions songs

We offer a wide selection of audio and video international songs


Tens of thousands of international professional karaoke titles. You can view the projection on 1 or more external screens.


Blabla bar karaoke Olomouc

Wildthing Karaoke Bar / Brno

BlaBla Karaoke Bar / Olomouc

Swing Bar Karaoke / Ostrava

Wildthing Karaoke Bar / Bratislava

Coolna Club / Svitavy


Burgr’s club / Lednice


Hotel Svornost / Harrachov


Krystal Bar / Frenštát pod Radhoštěm


Our jukebox makes a great karaoke bar

Party with karaoke jukebox

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