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New generation of jukebox is nowadays a symbol of the combination of music, karaoke, entertainment, design and technology. Our products are a modern addition to bars, corporate events or family celebrations and create a unique atmosphere at a wide range of cultural events. We are a leader in the operation of audio, video jukeboxes featuring music from around the world. We provide complete technical support for karaoke bars. We have an all-in-one mobile karaoke kiosk and comprehensive karaoke party service for parties, corporate parties, family, wedding and other private functions.

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New generation touch jukebox 2.0

The touch karaoke, video jukebox 2.0 is fully at your disposal. We've worked on the design of the front glass, which is now full screen, improved the app with a video stream of songs and clips from around the world, and added a credit card payment option.

Touch screen display

The 27'' display dominates the design of the jukebox. The touch application meets current mobile application standards.


The metal design in a combination of stainless steel and aluminium gives the jukebox a modern look.

Bank card payment

Bank card payment is fast, convenient and always available. You can use your card or mobile phone

Jukebox version2.0.

Smart Search

User-friendly search with a clear selection of audio, video and karaoke tracks

Millions songs

We offer a wide selection of audio and video international songs


Tens of thousands of international professional karaoke titles. You can view the projection on 1 or more external screens.

Fun at your bar

Suitable for karaoke clubs

Design and quality increase your sales

Payment by credit card

Forget worrying about cash and coins - now you can conveniently pay for your favourite songs, videos or karaoke with your credit card. This innovative option gives you the freedom to collect and sing without having to search for change.

Pay with your credit card

From 2023, our karaoke jukebox allows convenient payment by bank card

Our Jukebox in Action at the Party

Record from the party

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