Rental of touchscreen jukebox

Rental of Touchscreen Jukebox

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Jukeboxes have a rich history as symbols of the music world. Imagine if you could have the world’s entire music and entertainment repertoire at your fingertips in a bar. Our company produces new types of touch screen jukeboxes that combine music, video and karaoke into one compact and interactive device.

With these touch screen jukeboxes, you can play your favorite songs, music from around the world, video clips or even venture into karaoke entertainment, all in one place. Operation is a breeze – just touch the screen with your finger and the music is yours.

We pride ourselves on our modern approach to entertainment and convenience. That’s why we’ve introduced credit card payment options, making it even easier for you to use our services. Forget cash and coins – our jukeboxes are ready for your electronic payments.

Why Choose Us?


The pure all-metal design with a 27 '' touch screen is representative.


Smart search, current touch standards and intuitive operation are reflected in customer satisfaction.


Millions of songs and videos of streaming music. A unique selection of tens of thousands of karaoke tracks.


The new generation of jukeboxes brings satisfaction and fun to your facility. And it always affects your sales.


Service within 3 days is standard with us.
24 hours for VIP clients.

What kind of jukebox rental are you interested in?

Bars, clubs, pubs

We will place the equipment at your facility at our expenses. We take care of complete sound system. Depending on your total monthly revenue from the jukebox, you can receive up to 50% reward.

Teambuildings events, parties

The rental is arranged for one or more days. Suitable for weddings, corporate and birthday parties. We deliver and set up the jukebox at the venue. Possibility to combine jukebox and karaoke.

Long-term rental
increas your sales
up to 50%/per month
  • free installation
  • free sound system
  • fast service
  • regular track update
  • remote administration
Short-term lease
parties - weddings - teambuilding
200 EUR/day-weekend
  • karaoke + 50 eur
  • external monitor + 50 eur
  • audio amplifier
  • speakers
  • wireless microphone 2pcs

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