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Every special occasion deserves a unique experience, whether it’s a corporate party, wedding or birthday celebration. The opportunity to sing karaoke at your party may be just the distraction you’re looking for. Our company Jubox.cz brings musical karaoke entertainment directly to you through karaoke kisoks and professional karaoke sets. Karaoke kiosks have found a well-deserved place in the corporate world as a unique and engaging element of company Christmas parties, events or team building. They are the ideal choice for companies that want to create an extraordinary experience for their employees. Singing karaoke promotes teamwork, relieves stress, boosts morale, but most importantly brings moments of joy, relaxation and fun. Our karaoke party service is here for you.


High quality SHURE wireless microphone set with two microphones for each karaoke set


The ability to set up playback of a wide range of video clips of all genres


Tens of thousands of titles of CZ/SK/ENG karaoke hits offline and much more in the online version


Karaoke can be picked up at our premises in Prague and Brno or we can arrange delivery to the venue


If you need extra services please do not hesitate to contact us

Standard karaoke kiosk
VIP karaoke kiosk

Standard karaoke kiosk

This type of kiosk is fully sufficient for most corporate parties, celebrations, weddings or birthday parties. Our services include a karaoke kiosk equipped with two wireless microphones for mass singing. Additionally, you can order speakers and an external LCD screen to enjoy the karaoke experience to the fullest.

from 250EUR/day

VIP karaoke kiosk

For VIP clients we offer a karaoke kiosk in a modern stainless steel design with a 27" touch screen. We also offer superior service, all-in-one service, pro audio equipment, multiple screen connections, payment terminal, presence of a coordinator or hostesses throughout the event, remote support, and much more according to your wishes.

from 600EUR/day

Sound system for karaoke

We recommend connecting an external LCD screen or projector to the karaoke kiosk. This will give you an even better impression of the overall karaoke experience.

Even better karaoke? Use an external screen

We recommend connecting an external LCD screen or projector to the karaoke kiosk. This will give you an even better impression of the overall karaoke experience. Singers can conveniently sing on the external screen where the karaoke lyrics are displayed and there is no conflict at the karaoke kiosk, where you can continue to select songs to play while singing. You can use your own screen or rent the 32¨LCD screen and stand directly from us. The external screen can be connected to the karaoke set via HDMI or Display Port cable, depending on the type of kiosk. If one screen is not enough for you, we can connect many more.

We have karaoke rental branches in Prague and Brno

Mapa poboček pronájmu karaoke

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Our karaoke set on festival Colors of Ostrava 2023

The atmosphere on the Frisco stage was incredible thanks to our karaoke jukebox